Guide to Installing Fitted Wardrobes in UK for Your Home

We want our interior designs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Fitted wardrobes are the perfect example of this combination. They will not just optimise your space but also elevate the overall look of your house.

Space limitations or storage constraints are no longer a problem. A fitted wardrobe can be built precisely and can fit perfectly into your unused space and fulfil your requirements. Unlike freestanding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are custom-built, and each piece fits perfectly.

No homeowner likes wasting their space, so whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, fitted wardrobes can be installed, ensuring no space is wasted. They are not just productive and space utiliser, but they can match the vibe and look of your house.

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Things to Do Before Installing Fitted Wardrobes

Before you start with the installation of fitted wardrobes, there are some factors you should consider for a smooth and seamless process. Here are some of the factors:

1. Measurement

The first thing to ensure is that you should have an accurate measurement of the desired space where a fitted wardrobe will be installed. While taking the measurement, do not forget to include ceiling height along with width and depth.

If you have alcoves or sloping ceilings, measure carefully and inform your maker about the same for the exact design.

2. Need

The second factor is assessing storage needs so that the layout can decided accordingly. If you wish to store shirts, long cabinets will be an excellent suggestion; however, a small drawer will be sufficient for storing socks and ties. Depending upon need and requirement, you can opt for hanging space, shelves, drawers and even shoe compartments.

Pre-determined needs will help you choose the most appropriate layout for your fitted wardrobe.

3. Design Preference

After the layout, it is time to decide your fitted wardrobe’s style and outer aesthetics. You may pick from various options available in style, colours, handles, door styles and components. If you like sleek and sharp designs, go for modern minimalistic design, whereas if you have wooden cabinets and work around, choose classic wood finishes.

Choose a design that matches your preference and the overall decor of your room.

4. Material

The selection of material will be done as per your design and layout. Choose from common options of wood, plywood and fibreboard. When choosing, consider factors like durability, maintenance, aesthetics, eco-friendliness, sustainability, and budget.

5. Professional Consultation

If you want your fitted wardrobes to be flawless and perfectly fit into the desired space, you are advised to consult a professional. They can give you valuable insights, suggest the best design and layout, and ensure that you use maximum space.

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6. Supplier Selection

The selection of a reliable supplier or installer is very crucial. They should have a proven track record of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Beckenham Interiors has been in the industry for many years and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the Trust index.

You may also seek suggestions and recommendations from friends and family to ensure you are selecting the correct installer.

7. Clearance

Clear and clean the desired areas before installation of fitted wardrobes. Ensure installers have easy access to the space and inform them about any potential obstacles like narrow staircases or tight doorways. For easy access, you may remove existing furniture.

8. Electrical Outlets

Check the placement of electric outlets to ensure they are not hindering the installation process or the wardrobe’s functionality. If they are not needed, you may remove the outlet before installation. For light switches, ensure you can reach them easily, and that the wardrobe and light switch are functioning smoothly.

9. Ventilation

Moisture can reduce the life of your fitted wardrobe; it is very essential to prevent moisture build-up. Ensure there is adequate ventilation and air gaps between the wardrobe and surrounding walls. Also, check that no water is seeping into the walls or wardrobe.

Installation Process

After meticulous planning, it is time to install your fitted wardrobe. Professional installers will have proper tools and can align all the components flawlessly. They may start with the outer cover and move on to details like shelves, then drawers, then knobs and locks. Give them ample space and time to install the wardrobe.

The lifespan of a fitted wardrobe is long if you maintain it in a timely manner and clean it regularly. Using a damp cotton cloth, clean the dust on the surface. Be cautious about water and moisture exposure to prevent damage to the material.

Proper preparation can make the installation of your dream fitted wardrobe easy.


A fitted wardrobe gives you the best of both worlds, functionality and style. Each stage, from planning to installation, is vital in enhancing your space. By adding a fitted wardrobe, you are making your space more productive and your life more organised.

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