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Gorgeous fitted wardrobes in Bromley

At Beckenham Interiors, we specialise in designing and installing bespoke fitted wardrobes in Bromley that are entirely made to measure for your desired space. We make and customise all fitted wardrobes ourselves in our very own workshop, down from the drawers to the internal storage and components. Your brand-new wardrobes will give you the perfect storage solution for your space and, because they are integrated into your home and your exact measurements, they will complement your home perfectly. We have a range of options for made-to-measure wardrobes, being able to accommodate small spaces and even angled ceilings. For our excellent quality of work within your home, give us a call on 020 8419 8305.

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To enquire about the benefits of bespoke fitted wardrobes for your home, call us on 020 8419 8305 or email You can also complete our contact form for a response within one to two working days.


The world of options for built-in wardrobes in Bromley

We have four varieties of our fitted wardrobes that are available to our customers. This will allow you to benefit from custom wardrobes in your home, no matter the size or dimensions of your space. We provide wardrobes for bedrooms and living rooms and we also design for home offices and media walls.


Hinged door

Our hinged wardrobes are one of our most popular options. Our custom hinged wardrobes will fit your space perfectly, and there are so many options when it comes to the design of your hinged doors. From a shaker style to a flat finish, we provide all the choices you could need. Your Bromley home will benefit from beautiful, hinged door wardrobes.


Sliding door

Made from strong, durable materials, our sliding door wardrobes could offer you an ergonomic solution for wardrobes in your home. Taking up less space when opening your doors, these wardrobes could be what you need if your room is smaller. There are many different colours and combinations you can choose, including different coloured glass and surrounds.



A walk-in wardrobe can provide you with a dedicated space for your clothes and accessories. We are able to design for any space, even transforming small spaces into a walk-in wardrobe to cater for your clothing. Your space can be equipped with components such as hanging rails that provide smart storage, meaning you can enjoy ample amounts of room for your belongings.



If you have converted your loft space and you are looking to invest in fitted wardrobes for your new attic bedroom, we have the solution. We are experienced in designing for angled spaces, providing storage solutions that make the most of the space available. We ensure that the aesthetics are prioritised alongside the functionality of your angled wardrobes, complementing your home and your style.

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If you’re wondering how much your new fitted wardrobes will cost, get in touch with our team today. We will be able to discuss your requirements and provide an indication of cost so that you know what to expect. Give our team a call on 020 8419 8305 or email


Working with us for a fitted wardrobe in Bromley, Kent

Working with Beckenham Interiors, you’ll never be disappointed. We prioritise the experience that our customers receive, ensuring their satisfaction every step of the way when adding to their properties.

Ensure our clients’

We provide a fantastic quality of work, producing excellent wardrobes that last. We have a five-year warranty on all wardrobes, installing them expertly so they remain durable. We do the right thing, with attentive aftercare.

Prioritising responsive

We will respond to you within one to two working days so that you aren’t left waiting. The size of our team allows us to complete multiple jobs at once, resulting in short lead times. You’ll get your wardrobes sooner than you think.



Good value for money is one of our priorities – we don’t want our customers to feel as though their dream wardrobes are out of reach. Our cost-effective services are tailored to you and of the highest quality.

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If fitted wardrobes are the next project on your list, contact the experts at Beckenham Interiors. Our team design and install beautiful wardrobes. Give us a call on 020 8419 8305 or email

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