Internal components to optimise your storage

Optimising your storage spaces can be as simple as including the right components. Interior components can help with organisation and can be especially helpful when you’re working with a smaller space. Your components could consist of a tilted shoe shelf for space conservation, pull-out hanging rails, or corner drawers. Our team are experts when it comes to helping you choose what components will work the best for your space and its use. Established in 2010, we have been helping homeowners organise their belongings with beautiful storage for more than a decade. To enquire about what components you could include in your wardrobes, call us on 020 8419 8305.

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The high-quality components we provide

The storage inside your wardrobe is entirely customisable. You can make the space as useful for you as possible, choosing from a range of storage options such as:

  • Hanging rails
  • Internal lighting
  • Shelving
  • Drawers
  • Corner drawers
  • Shoe racks and storage
  • Tilted shoe racks
  • Tie racks
  • Belt storage
  • Internal dressing mirrors


Your choice of features for your wardrobes

You can choose every single feature of your bespoke wardrobes, ensuring they are in line with your design wishes. The internal storage of your wardrobes will be carefully considered to provide you with as much storage as possible, but the aesthetics of your wardrobes are important too.

The colour of your wardrobes will help you achieve your desired style. This could be dark navy or a glossy cream.

Colours for your wardrobes

The handles on your doors are brilliant for their ease of use, but also add an element of style to your home.

Wardrobe door handles

The style of your door can make your home the contemporary haven or rustic retreat you’re looking for.

Styles for your wardrobe doors

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Working with us at Beckenham Interiors: What to expect

We are a sought-after wardrobe and storage company, helping customers to transform their homes. Working with our team at Beckenham Interiors will provide you with excellent customer service and high-quality products.

Dedicated to your

We know that our customers need peace of mind, which is why we offer a five-year warranty. We also provide excellent aftercare, always coming back to your home for anything you may need regarding your wardrobes and storage.

Lower wait

We know that wait times can be aggravating, which is why we have a team that is of a size that allows us to work on many jobs at once. This decreases your wait time. We prioritise communication, updating you on your project.

Reasonable in our

The pricing of our wardrobes and storage spaces is kept reasonable and competitive, ensuring that you can achieve the style you want at the right value for money. We always create positive experiences for our customers.

Our storage services are tailored to you

We provide comprehensive services for those needing storage in their homes. Whether this is a fitted wardrobe or a piece of custom furniture, our expertise is often sought after in south east London! We provide:

Alcove cupboards

Cupboards in your alcove space will help you achieve storage using your whole space.

Your alcove cupboards

Fitted wardrobes

Our wardrobes can have hinged or sliding doors, and walk-in and angled dimensions.

Your fitted wardrobes

Freestanding furniture

We make custom furniture to the highest standard, from side tables to chests of drawers.

Your freestanding furniture

TV and media walls

We create media walls that incorporate your TV and provide a large amount of useful storage.

A TV and media wall for your home

Home office

Your home office can be equipped with cupboards and drawers to give you the storage you need.

Your new home office

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