Hinged vs sliding wardrobe doors: Making the decision


Have you been considering new wardrobes for your home? Wardrobes are an easy way of transforming your room to make it seem as though you have put lots of effort into enhancing the space, and yet it’s a relatively small change! You may be wondering what kind of wardrobe will suit your space the most, and the most common options are hinged and sliding door wardrobes. So, what are the benefits of both of these variations, and which one should you opt for in your property…?

How much space do you have available?

Before you make any decisions, you should assess how much space you have available in the room of your choice. If you have a shortage of space, sliding door wardrobes could be the most effective option, as there is no room needed to physically open the door, instead sliding the door across a track system. This could therefore result in a more ergonomic storage solution for your room.

Consider the ease of use

Wardrobes will never be difficult to use, but it could be an idea to take this factor into consideration. Sometimes, it can take a slightly more strength to open a sliding door due to needing to move its weight across, rather than simply opening it. On the other hand, if there are children in the family it could be easier for hands to get trapped in a hinged door rather than a sliding door, so consider the user and how easily you think they will be able to open your wardrobes.

The difference in visibility

One thing to bear in mind is that with hinged door wardrobes, you will be able to see the entire contents all at one time. Due to the nature of opening a sliding door wardrobe, only one half of the wardrobe can be seen in one glance. This could mean that you’re busy looking on the wrong side of the wardrobe for your belongings. This is not too much of a problem though, and sliding doors often have a bigger capacity than hinged wardrobes.

Variation in the design of your wardrobes

Variety in the design of your wardrobes is incredibly important, especially when you’re going down a bespoke route. After all, you want to benefit from the made-to-measure approach! There are sometimes more options available when going down the hinged wardrobe route, simply because there are more components – you can choose to enhance the design with different handles, for example, or experiment with designs on the doors. Sliding door wardrobes also have a variety of choices, but you’re truly spoilt for choice with hinged doors.

Added benefits of hinged wardrobe doors

Hinged door wardrobes are an incredibly convenient and versatile use of space. Not only do they provide you with design and style options, but they can serve a dual use, as the inside of their doors can be used to house a mirror, or even photos or reminder notes. Hinged wardrobe doors can also be customised on an angle, which is useful in awkward spaces such as loft conversions and under the stairs.

Added benefits of sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding wardrobe doors often have the option of being slightly larger inside than hinged wardrobe doors, and this can allow you to make the most of your storage space, whilst still being an option that’s great for a smaller room. There is also a design option to have the sliding doors of your wardrobe being entirely mirrored, which as well as a dual use could make a smaller room feel larger.

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