Tips for planning a bespoke wardrobe


If you’re addicted to fashion, you’ll appreciate the importance of a great wardrobe! As the trend for turning underused spare rooms into dressing rooms continues apace, we explore what you need to consider when planning your dream closet.

When we’re planning a bespoke wardrobe for clients with a large collection of designer clothes, we begin with a lifestyle review in a bid to create a space that reflects their taste and also displays their prized possessions. Clients with a penchant for high fashion often view their wardrobe as more than just a functional storage unit; it becomes a showcase for their garments. Creating a dressing room that feels like a shrine to fashion can enhance the overall experience of dressing and add an element of luxury to their daily routine.

Shelving and lighting

Incorporating elements such as well-lit display areas, strategically placed mirrors, and specialised storage solutions can transform the wardrobe into a fashion haven. Our designers strive to provide effective organisation with ample space for key pieces and accessories, ensuring everything is easy to find and easy to reach and, in some cases, showcasing key pieces as though they are works of art. Custom-made shelves and racks can be crafted to perfectly fit designer handbags, allowing them to be prominently displayed and lit, while maintaining their pristine condition. Back-lit shelving can also add a dramatic yet sleek appearance. Consider incorporating glass-fronted drawers, cabinets or open shelving to exhibit shoes and accessories, creating a boutique-like atmosphere within the dressing room. This allows clients to easily peruse their collection and quickly select the perfect pieces for any occasion.

Accessorise your accessories

For clients with an extensive jewellery collection, a hidden safe within the wardrobe provides both security and peace of mind. A mini personal safe ensures valuable watches and treasured pieces are stored in a discreet manner while remaining easily accessible. Small box-safes are usually hidden behind a discreet access panel that is totally invisible on keku clips or similar fasteners. Less expensive costume jewellery is organised on small necklace hooks and bracelet rails, or in suede-lined drawers with small compartments. The size and layout of this bespoke storage is also carefully planned at the initial design review.

Key design points to consider

  1. Consider your lifestyle, and the aspects of your wardrobe which will need to be more accessible. This will help determine the layout of the wardrobe.
  2. Identify the different types of clothing items to be stored. Counting how many garments and accessories you want to store will help determine the best storage solutions. For example:
  • Count the number of pairs of shoes you own, and decide whether you want them stored in boxes, on a flat shelf, or a tilted one. Allow sufficient space for shoe storage, considering shoe box dimensions or shoe racks, and remembering men’s shoes are generally much bigger than women’s sizes.
  • Determine the number of half-height, full-length, and three-quarter length jackets you own. Allow enough hanging space for each type, considering the typical dimensions of such jackets. If dinner jackets are stored in garment bags, make sure there is enough hanging space for the bag too.
  • Consider the number of midis, minis and maxi skirts and dresses you own, and provide hanging space at the appropriate length and width. Remember, evening dresses are often much longer than expected due to halter necks and trains.
  • Consider small drawers or compartments within larger drawers for well organised storage of socks and underwear. Consider dividers or trays to keep bras, pants, tights, vests and socks neatly separated.
  • Storage options such as shelves, cubbyholes or hooks could display your handbag collection. Consider the dimensions for your preferred display method. Some clients prefer to keep handbags in their original packaging or padded to help retain their shape.

At Beckenham Interiors, we ensure that ever wardrobe is designed to perfectly meet every clients needs, maximums their storage and introduces high-quality craftsmanship to their home. Give us a call on 020 8419 8305 or send us an email at to enquire.

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