Wardrobes in a small bedroom: Tips and advice


Have you been considering brand-new wardrobes for your bedroom space? If you’ve been wishing for more storage space but your bedroom is on the smaller side, you might be wondering how you’re going to go about it. There are ways to include wardrobes in your space in a way that won’t clutter up your room, maximising the space that you have. Some of the ways you can personalise your wardrobes to achieve a bedroom that feels as large as possible are as follows:

Utilise the interior of your wardrobes effectively

The interior of your wardrobes can be used effectively in order to provide you with the most amount of storage, allowing you to free up space in the rest of your bedroom. You could do this by including internal drawers, negating the need for a chest of drawers outside of your wardrobe. This means that your bedroom will appear less cluttered, but still provide the storage you need.

Bespoke, in-built wardrobes

The benefit to in-built wardrobes, as well as their sleek aesthetic, is that they can actually make your room seem larger. It also uses up more of the available space, allowing you to benefit from more storage and yet the optical illusion that your room isn’t as small as initially thought. It will also fit your walls and cornices, giving you a sophisticated finish.

Incorporate mirrors

Mirrors are a great accessory to your bedroom, and they can play an important part in making your bedroom seem larger. This is because they reflect light, and so the lighter room encourages the size of it to be highlighted. The light bounces around the room, so even if it is a relatively small space, it creates tricks on the eyes. A great way to incorporate mirrors is by having mirrored wardrobe doors.

Utilise the space above your bed

The space above the headboard often goes unutilised. If you’re really stuck for storage, you could create a wall of storage and incorporate your bed in the design, with cupboards running all the way above your headboard. This creates a lot of storage, whilst also being considered a design feature, benefitting the style of your bedroom.

Use sliding door wardrobes

Something that can encroach into the precious space of your bedroom, is the opening of hinged wardrobe doors. To combat this, you could think about using sliding doors on your wardrobes, rather than hinged doors. This way, the doors won’t open out into your space, decreasing the cramped feel in your bedroom. There are also a great number of beautiful design elements you can include in sliding doors.

If you’re looking for the right company to design wardrobes that will look stunning in your home and yet maximise the amount of free space that’s in your bedroom, we can help you. Here at Beckenham Interiors, we design your wardrobes with precision and to your specifications, ensuring they are everything you have been looking for. With our experience, we can achieve what you’re looking for. Give us a call on 020 8419 8305 or email info@beckenhaminteriors.com.

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